Sign In To My Gift Card Site To Manage Your Gift Cards Online

Now days it has become very popular to gift “Gift Cards” to your loved one instead of giving present or any gift. You can shop your favorite gifts by using these gift cards from any store. These gift cards are reloadable card, can be recharged anytime. My Gift Card Site is an online website that is providing you online account to manage your card easily. You can easily login to your account and can see the transaction and your remaining balance anytime. You can recharge your card by logging into your account. Here is simple guide to tell you how can you access your account.


  • To access this website you will see pop-up windows to get additional information about your account so it is necessary to turn off your pop-up blocker to use this website.
  • You should have correct login details otherwise you will not be able to access this site.

Get Guideline To Manage Gift Card:

  • To sign into the gift card account you can follow this link
  • As you will access this page you will see login fields to get logged into your account to manage your card.
  • If you have your card then you can enter your card number from your card.
  • Next enter your Card security code from the backside of the card.
  • Enter captcha that is secret code for human identification.
  • Enter the button “Login”
  • You can easily access your card account if you will provide correct details from your card.

Important To Note:

On your card you can see the activation sticker that will reflect code like 800# that is incorrect. You have to type code like this (834)455-34536.

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