Access Nj E-Zpass To Pay Or Dispute A Violation Notice

NJ E-ZPass is the electronic payment service that is offered by the state government of the New Jersey. It can be used to pay your taxes online, pay your toll as well. Despite moving out and stand in long lines until your turn come to pay the toll, you can have the luxury of the online payment system through it.

How To Access Nj E-Zpass To Pay Or Dispute A Violation Notice : 

  • You will have to start the process by going out to the official website of the company, the link to this website is available for searching it over the internet.
  • This is the link that you will need to go to the website:
  • Wait for a few seconds until the page is completely loaded.
  • Click on the red colored “Click here” link at the right side of the page now.
  • It will get you to the form on the next page:
    • Type your violation number now in the very first blank field that you are seeing.
    • Enter the tag number after that now in the next field.
    • Or, you can also enter the license plate as well in the field next to it.
    • Now, select the License state or the province in the next blank space now.
    • Select the licensing country now in the field that comes after that now.
    • Click on the blue “Search” button now and get the form submitted to make the further move.
  • If you are an account holder, you can log in to your account for better services, click on the “Log into My Account” link.
    • Enter the login in the first blank field now.
    • Type your password now in the field next to it now.
    • Enter your security message after that.
    • Click on the white “Log on” button and get logged in for the further service.

After you are on the next page, you can pay your violation notice.

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